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I Quit Being The Villain

I Quit Being The Villain

I Quit Being The Villain

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7 months ago

Transmigrating into the novel, [The Emperor of Luck] Gu Xia received the despair villain system and became a small villain who is destined to be face slapped by the protagonist then eventually killed.

Having been through the plot thousands of times and being failed by the system every time, he finally snapped.

“System! What did I do wrong this time!?”

[Host, please calm down... There has been an error in the world that I have no control over. As an apology I can grant you extra rewards once you complete the plot!]

Gritting his teeth and having bloodshot red eyes Gu Xia finally had enough.

[I quit being the villain! Fuck the plot, fuck the heroine's, fuck the protagonist, fuck everyone, I just want to live my life without being face slapped! I QUIT!]

Unknowing to him all of the heroines could now hear his inner voice…